Glitter Bombs Shower GOP Race

For those unfamiliar with the term, a “glitter bomb” is a type of political statement  that has been showing up in the news lately.  Glitter bombs are used to make a statement against politicians opposing gay marriage, and the act is relatively simple: 1.) Take a handful of glitter 2.) Throw in the face of a politician 3.) Run like hell from Secret Service agents.  If that description wasn’t enough for you, here’s a photo of Rick Santorum taking a glitter bomb to the face:

Glitter bombs have been making the headlines recently as a stream of gay rights activists have been targeting conservative presidential nominees, with Santorum, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul all experiencing bombings in the past week alone.  But aside from its potential threat to the retinas of politicians nationwide, I’m beginning to question the effectiveness of the glitter bomb in advancing the rights of gay Americans.

In order for a political statement to be effective, it either has to raise a profound point or just be down right insane.  Take, for instance, Mohamed Bouazizi, an angry Tunisia street vendor whom lit himself on fire in protest of government corruption, high unemployment, and lack civil liberties.  His lone act sparked a wave of protests that led to the toppling of governments in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, and inspired movements in several other Middle Eastern nations.

Now I’m not suggesting that gay rights activists light themselves on fire to get their point across,  but they should adopt a form of protest that doesn’t make a political convention look like a post-game Super Bowl ceremony.  What someone needs to do is take one for the team and make out with Newt Gingrich on national television.


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