Why the next president could be you!

For some reason, I keep following the Republican primaries.  And for some other reason, I keep hearing of a so-called “White Knight” possibly entering the GOP race for president (check here and here).  Apparently the primary race has been such a toss up that it is still possible for a last minute candidate to enter and win enough national delegates to earn the party nomination.  Now listen folks, I watch a lot of movies.  And if Hollywood has taught me anything about politics (aside from why to love the SOPA bill), it is that sometimes the person best suited to run our country is not some Washington insider, but an average Joe like you or me.

Presidential material? I think so!

Take, for instance, 1993’s Dave.  You know, the touching tale of how the president suffers a stroke while having sex with one of his aides and ends up in a coma.  Dave, an a average schmoe who happens to look exactly like the president, is recruited by the Secret Service to stand in for the ailing president to avoid scandal.  The real heart warming part comes when Dave’s down-to-earth sensibilities strike a chord with Americans and he ends up running the country better than any real politician… oh, and he gets frisky with Sigourney Weaver, too.

Or how about Chris Rock’s Head of State.  When the Democratic frontrunner dies unexpectedly in a plane crash, a panel of electioneers pick regular dude Mays Gilliam (Rock) to run for office.  Gilliam’s every-man style is a success in the Democratic primaries and helps prove the American Dream is still alive.  Also, he even teaches some bureaucratic stiffs how to party.

Bringing some super-fly legislation to a nation near you.

And who could forget Robin Williams in the highly forgettable Man of the Year.  In a fluke, political satirist Tom Dobbs decides to run for president and eventually wins thanks to a computer malfunction.  The heart warming twist occurs when Dobbs finds out about the error and announces his resignation to the American public, only for the entire nation to stand up and support the competely unqualified but lovable comedian.

So there you have it.  Hollywood has proven that the solution to all our national problems lies in the hands of some average Joe out there.  The GOP primaries are still up for grabs, and who knows, maybe that average Joe (or Jane) could be you?  It’s highly unlikely, though.


2 Responses to “Why the next president could be you!”

  1. February 27, 2012 at 4:03 pm

    I feel like much of this has to do with the fact that as a sane person you don’t want some doomsday cultist intellectual persecutor to go in and fuck up our nation. Just a thought.

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