Political speech gets snobby

Since I’m running out of irrelevant observations to make about the presidential race, I’m going to use this week’s blog to focus on the the ridiculous things recently said by others in the political arena.

Santorum said Obama’s a “snob” and that JFK makes him vomit; Romney said we “deserve” Canada’s thick, gooey oil; Rush Limbaugh, still heated over Obama’s baby hatred, called a college woman a “slut;” and Ron Paul said that clowns talk to him in his sleep each night before primary elections (that last quote may not be 100% accurate).

Now I’ve had the luxury of living virtually my entire life outside of the public spotlight, so I can’t honestly comment on what it’s like to live under constant media scrutiny.  It’s true that everyone gets riled up and says things they regret, but the need for our opinion leaders to watch what they say is more important than ever.

Paul Krugman’s NY Time’s article “Climate of Hate” describes how violent rhetoric and political hate speech was partially responsible for last year’s Arizona shooting that left  a bullet in Representative Gabrielle Giffords’ head.  Krugman says its irresponsible speech by our opinion leaders that has ignited a rash of politically motivated threats and violence.  All this coming from the same guy who, in a 2009 opinion piece, called for progressives to hang Senator Joe Lieberman.

Krugman describing how to snap the neck of a political opponent.

Maybe we should all be more careful to avoid saying insensitive or threatening things.  But that’s just my opinion, and I doubt anyone will heed it unless I take the Limbaugh route.  So, uh, all you dirty sluts better comment on my blog!!!


1 Response to “Political speech gets snobby”

  1. 1 Toni
    March 31, 2012 at 12:31 pm

    You’re absolutely correct! It’s time for an in-depth discussion of ideas. It’s obvious that name calling (even on the playground) leads only to bullying and away from higher thought. Great blog….keep it up!

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