Updated super-8 project

As an update to my earlier post, my roll of Kodak super-8 film arrived today and I am pleased to say everything works fine – the film is brand new and functional, the camera has yet to be knocked off my coffee table by drunken house guests, and the UPS man didn’t spit in my face then shank me in the kidneys as he usually does.

"Mall Cop" royalties just aren't paying the bills anymore.

Anyhow, I’m amazed super-8 film is still being produced out there.  A lot of the film I looked at on eBay was outdated and/or kept in the seller’s freezer to keep it in “new” condition.  But my cartridge came brand new from Kodak, even sealed in a foil wrapper that released a satisfying new-car smell when I ripped it open.  Despite Kodak’s financial troubles, they apparently aren’t bankrupt enough to stop selling terribly archaic pieces of film equipment.

Kodak + Super-8 film = bankruptcy?

I have some local spots planned out for this film that should look great in black and white.  All I need now is a simple script and an actor for my film.  What I need isan everyman: a downtrodden human whose plight and heartwarming story would be perfect for a avant-garde short film…

Nope, he's dead...

Him too...

Ah hell, this guy will work.


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