Blog assignment #3

Below is a very rough draft of my ezine.

This is basically the rough outline of what the ezine would look like, with masthead at top, navigational links, boxes for news feeds and login, and a main area to display content such as reviews, articles, etc.  I plan to change the logo and call the website “Cinematic Shakedown.”  This site will specialize in reviews and features about lesser known films in current release and also spotlight films from the past.  The tone will be light hearted and comedic.  Submissions would be welcomed from anyone with interesting opinions/facts.

This webpage is layed out like a blog.  I plan for the homepage to be different, be the content pages will look like the one above.  I’d like to add more color and graphics.  Here’s a crappier sample page that I made with background color, pics, etc.

Here’s a rundown of the things I did poorly on this ezine prototype:

Direction: I think the direction of this page prototype are alright.  Your eye is drawn to the largest space on the page, which is where the important content will be displayed.

Size: Same with direction, I made the most important items (content section) the largest.  Other items, such as the masthead, logos, navigation, are smaller and less space consuming.

Texture: I want the texture to be sleek.  I like a lot of sharp edges and light blue and grey colors – I think it makes stuff look more important.

Color: I’m color blind, so I suck when it comes to this area of design.  I may try to simplify this mess and just make everything black and white.

Values: I want my page to look relaxed since the site is light hearted and humorous.  I don’t think I accomplished it with this prototype – it could use some improvement.

Contrast: I used contrast to offset the areas with content from the background.

Dominance: I don’t know if anything is really dominant on my prototype except for the main rectangle where the content goes.

Repetition: I think the use of boxes and color provided nice repetition.



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