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Joshin’ around with Adobe Illustrator

This is the first picture I made with Adobe Illustrator.  I enjoyed using it more than Photoshop.  I feel like the tools were easier to use and navigate through.  Also, the autocorrect thingy that made all my lines elegant and beautiful was pretty helpful.  Cats are nice so I tried drawing one.  I used the charcoal brush on the cat then a sharper edged brush for the weeds.  I was halfway through when I realized the picture is centered kinda funny and also that the cat looks more like a dog or fox.

Cat or dog? Or fox? Who the hell cares??

Next, I tried using Illustrator to animate some 3D text.  This part sucked.  The directions were wordy and confusing.  Each letter took me like a half hour to complete – I found myself using the undo button often.  Then I had to worry about where the light source was and how the shading appears.  I was planning on creating a cool logo for the words “Beer Noodles,” but I got pissed/bored halfway through and quit.

Use your imagination to visualize how half-assed “Noodles” would have looked.


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