A how-to guide to creating internet memes

Memes are taking over the internet, and for good reason.  They are funny, topical, and easy to make.  Essentially, they remove the time and effort required for crafting a good joke and turn it into a neat, pre-made joke package that anyone can use.  Also, they are a reasonable substitute for following the news – just check your Facebook news feed for memes addressing all the top current events.

So, as a fan of both the internet and things that make me go “Ha,” I recently set out to discover the secrets to creating the coveted internet meme.  Here’s what I found:

Step 1: Wake up and eat.  A good meme won’t make itself.  Crawl out of your parents’ basement and eat some Doritos, because sustenance is key.

Step 2:  Determine a subject.  Memes must be timely and topical.  Refer to the front pages of Yahoo and Reddit for what’s trending now.

Step 3:  Examine other memes.  The inspiration for your meme must come from others before it.  A good meme must be immediately recognizable and cannot stand alone.  Creativity is not wanted here (or in any of these steps, for that matter).

Step 4:  Choose an image.  The photo or movie still that you choose must have no relevance to anything, whatsoever.  Don’t worry – meme-savvy internet goers will get the joke even if you don’t.

Step 5:  Add a caption.  The caption must have a cynical, snarky tone.  Feel free to make your joke mean-spirited or hurtful.  Remember, this is the internet!

Step 6:  Post your meme.  Social networks like Facebook and Twitter and content sharing sites such as 4chan and Reddit are always solid go-to’s.  Meme creators who commonly starve for attention will be sure to find it on these sites.

Step 7:  Look outside.  It is dusk now, and the realization that you just spent an entire afternoon creating internet memes will begin to set in.


2 Responses to “A how-to guide to creating internet memes”

  1. August 21, 2012 at 1:42 am

    Sorry bro but I don’t get why you wrote such a huge article for this..It’s simple, just google meme creator or rage comics creator etc, you will just get some sites where pictures are readily available and you can just write the text on these memes and simply upload them and share them on facebook, twitter etc..

    I don’t get how your steps are related to this article :/

    I’m sorry once again..

    • August 21, 2012 at 11:02 am

      No need to apologize, I appreciate the honest criticism!
      However, I feel that you have missed the point of my article. I wrote this piece in an attempt to comment on memes as a low-brow brand of humor – think of my article as a sarcastic jab at the entire culture of the internet meme. The steps that I outlined where not real steps per se, but were used to dissect and satirize memes in general.
      Thanks for reading though!

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