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Joshin’ around with Adobe Illustrator

This is the first picture I made with Adobe Illustrator.  I enjoyed using it more than Photoshop.  I feel like the tools were easier to use and navigate through.  Also, the autocorrect thingy that made all my lines elegant and beautiful was pretty helpful.  Cats are nice so I tried drawing one.  I used the charcoal brush on the cat then a sharper edged brush for the weeds.  I was halfway through when I realized the picture is centered kinda funny and also that the cat looks more like a dog or fox.

Cat or dog? Or fox? Who the hell cares??

Next, I tried using Illustrator to animate some 3D text.  This part sucked.  The directions were wordy and confusing.  Each letter took me like a half hour to complete – I found myself using the undo button often.  Then I had to worry about where the light source was and how the shading appears.  I was planning on creating a cool logo for the words “Beer Noodles,” but I got pissed/bored halfway through and quit.

Use your imagination to visualize how half-assed “Noodles” would have looked.


Photoshop Images

Here’s a weird thing I made for my web design class.

Notice the tiny Willem Dafoe.  Here’s some of my inspiration:

Here’s another poster thingy I made.  I thought “The Flaming Brain” would be a good name for a blog or website or something.


Blog assignment #4

For the first part of the assignment, here is an image I created with Photoshop:

I took a picture of an Arnold Schwartzenegger action figure from Google.  I tried the art history brush just to see what it would do.  Then boom, this was the outcome.  This image took literally 5 minutes to make but I think the end result looks pretty cool.  Here’s the same image again with some tweaks:

Here’s another photo I messed with:

For the second part of this assignment, here are some of my favorite artists.  Anyone who skateboards may be familiar with Neckface.  He has done artwork for Baker Skateboards and also a bunch of graffiti around the U.S.

Here’s art from Basquiat, an artist that got his start doing graffiti in Brooklyn.  He died in the 80’s from a heroin overdose.

And let’s not forget Ralph Steadman:

There’s a scene from an old South Park episode where Cartman is asked to describe what he sees when his eyes are closed.  He is blindfolded, and the next scene becomes a fast montage of strange and disturbing images – rioting, child clowns, people writhing around on fire, open-heart surgery.  The blindfold is removed and Cartman is asked if he saw anything unusual, to which he replied “No, just the same old crap I always see when I close my eyes.”

I like art that butchers reality, that completely skewers and rearranges all the beautiful things we see when our eyes are open.  I think good art should not be static: it should jar you, rip you out of your comfort zone and make you see life differently.



Blog assignment #3

Below is a very rough draft of my ezine.

This is basically the rough outline of what the ezine would look like, with masthead at top, navigational links, boxes for news feeds and login, and a main area to display content such as reviews, articles, etc.  I plan to change the logo and call the website “Cinematic Shakedown.”  This site will specialize in reviews and features about lesser known films in current release and also spotlight films from the past.  The tone will be light hearted and comedic.  Submissions would be welcomed from anyone with interesting opinions/facts.

This webpage is layed out like a blog.  I plan for the homepage to be different, be the content pages will look like the one above.  I’d like to add more color and graphics.  Here’s a crappier sample page that I made with background color, pics, etc.

Here’s a rundown of the things I did poorly on this ezine prototype:

Direction: I think the direction of this page prototype are alright.  Your eye is drawn to the largest space on the page, which is where the important content will be displayed.

Size: Same with direction, I made the most important items (content section) the largest.  Other items, such as the masthead, logos, navigation, are smaller and less space consuming.

Texture: I want the texture to be sleek.  I like a lot of sharp edges and light blue and grey colors – I think it makes stuff look more important.

Color: I’m color blind, so I suck when it comes to this area of design.  I may try to simplify this mess and just make everything black and white.

Values: I want my page to look relaxed since the site is light hearted and humorous.  I don’t think I accomplished it with this prototype – it could use some improvement.

Contrast: I used contrast to offset the areas with content from the background.

Dominance: I don’t know if anything is really dominant on my prototype except for the main rectangle where the content goes.

Repetition: I think the use of boxes and color provided nice repetition.



In response to NPR’s online privacy article

I feel like everything I just read is a bunch of nonsense (then again, I’m barely literate).  At its current stage, the “Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights” is only voluntary.  I doubt any internet company would “voluntarily” join a pact that could more than likely put a dent in their revenue.  Online companies won’t start handling user information responsibly until legislation is passed enforcing them to.

The urge to post some Rockwell was too strong!

I recently saw a segment on the Colbert Report about how closely Target monitors customer information.  Colbert explained that Target uses data analysis to review what women buy from their stores and then predict, many times correctly, that those women are pregnant.    Target then chooses online ads appropriate for expecting women, displaying things such as strollers, vitamin supplements, baby clothes, etc.  Many people are understandably shocked by Target’s insane scrutiny of its customers’ information, but I ask why???

How many times have you aimlessly browsed Walmart or Amazon only to get pissed off because you can’t decide what to buy?  With the way technology is evolving, those days are over – stores like Target will review your personal info and make those decisions for you.  And there are some instances where this kind of scrutiny would come in handy.  Take the pregnant woman story as an example.  If my significant other was pregnant, I’d have no damn clue what to buy her – it’s not like they give you instructions for these types of things!  That’s why Target’s customized ad spots would be there to guide me down the right purchasing path.

"Hmmm. Yellow stuff or green stuff?.... Fuck."

I think the liberal use of customer information could really become a good thing for both corporations and consumers.  I honestly lay awake at night hoping for the day when I can bump my head and, minutes later, my trustly friends from Walgreens will have Tylenol delivered straight to my door.  That would be the sweet life.

So I say let them monitor my online activity!  I’ll gladly surrender some personal privacy in exchange for less hassle in my everyday life.  And I commend any company brave enough to follow my online activity – that has got to be a disturbing job.


Team logo assignment

Being that our team name is “World of Pain,” I tried to make this logo as frightening and horrifying as the beating that we are about to unleash upon our competition! Enjoy.


Blog assignment #2

Here’s an odd, frightening website that I can’t stop staring at.  For those of you that grew up in western Pennsylvania, Buffo the Clown is a local hero and staple of each summer’s county fair circuit.  Here’s a link to his info page, which clearly explains why Buffo puts average clowns and most mere mortals to shame.  And here’s Buffo being buff and doing his best Hulk Hogan:

Available for children's parties and ass beatings

His info page is pretty well made and does a nice job of getting his story across.  Check it out for a good laugh.

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